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Soft landscaping, mature planting and the instant effect

Gardens are a very personal thing and deciding what you want may be the most taxing but rewarding of endeavours. To some it may represent the weekend chore of mowing the lawn but to many it is a haven from the grind of everyday life. The advantages of having a garden are many, giving you an outdoor room, which adds value to your home and allows the opportunity for social gathering, a place for children to play, a place to unwind and perhaps pursue a hobby and a useful source of exercise.

The dream of some is the instant garden, the weekend makeover. The busy lives we all lead and the availability of instant everything means that time is at a premium. A client once said to me if he bought a kitchen, he got a kitchen, he did not expect it to grow into a kitchen - the customer is always right - so the challenge became: find mature plants and create a garden that looked established. Easy. The design brief was to create a cottage style garden but with a contemporary Mediterranean feel and to create movement. All of this was to be achieved with planting, the client did not want artificial structures within the garden. So grasses were used to give movement, inter-planted with perennials and shrubs to give structure and impact supplied by mature Rhus typhina. The results speak for themselves
Large specimen and mature plants are no longer the preserve of large commercial landscaping projects, but, through a willingness to experiment, are becoming increasingly popular in private gardens. This has fuelled a frenzy of buying among nurseries and garden centres sourcing traditional and exotic plants from both home and continental markets; giving us the opportunity to create the dream garden so many aspire to, without the wait. The ever increasing range of trees and specimen shrubs available means there is always something to fit every taste and pocket.